'Cause Raising'm in a Bubble Isn't an Option

 Once a month Emily will 'digitally' connect live with you for one hour.

Each session you'll be joining parents, grandparents, and caregivers with kids of all ages. Since we're all about empowerment rather than fearmongering... it's a "No Shame Zone" the goal is to keep our kids wild & free to live and learn with the tools to safely guide them to authentic love... shame-free.


A Few of the Topics We'll Cover...

  •  The 3 simple steps to prevent sexual abuse w/out shame.
  • Helping kids to understand how porn affects the brain and their sexuality.
  • How to get on the same page with exes, when talking about sex-ed.
  • The exact script to use to question kids if you suspect abuse.
  • What are the age-appropriate sex conversations?
  • How to deal with kids that seem more "sexual" than others.
  • What to do about social media and other digital influences.
  • What does Cis gender mean?
  • And what the heck does LGBTTQQIAAP stand for?

"I know all this sounds like some pretty heavy stuff! But trust me... we laugh, we cry and we help each other. Everything that you learn is something that you will absolutely use. I give you my Maverick word"!!

The YOUNG +WILD +SAFE system is a simple child sexual abuse prevention and sexual education program that is based on external research studies, historical data and our personal research interviews with sexual abuse survivors, abusers, and therapists. 

If Your Child Was Sexually Abused, How Much Would You Pay to Go Back In Time To Fix It?

How about we make sure it never happens in the first place.




$64 Savings 

Request Specific 'Deep Dive' Topics

Live 1 Hour Coaching Every Month w/ Emily Gaudreau

Simple Action Steps To Solve Tricky Parenting Situations

Your Anonymous Questions Answered Live. 

PDF Outline of Session 24 Hours Before Event

Learn & Grow in an Exclusive Maverick Community





Live 1 Hour Coaching Every Month w/ Emily Gaudreau

Have Your Anonymous Questions Answered Live. 

PDF Outline of Session 24 Hours Before Event

Learn & Grow in an Exclusive Maverick Community


"Emily is a wonderful resource for parents. Being a parent of two little girls, I worry about them in the world. Emily’s tools and approaches are creative and warm, allowing parents to share safety and awareness in the most gentle and effective way. Thank you, Emily, for the work you do. I wish every parent was able to learn your tools! Robyn Frances"

Robyn Frances

"I strongly recommend YOUNG+WILD+SAFE. As a father of 2 boys, I found the difficult info Emily eloquently shared, critical to helping my boys make wise decisions. The bottom line is, not only do I recommend Emily but from an administrative standpoint, I believe it's a liability to not having this kind of program available to parents and staff. This information is extremely important & needs to be shared! It opened my eyes to what conversations are a 'must have' for my boys. "

Damon Whittle

Frequently Asked Questions

These are a few of the questions we get asked the most. If you can't find what you need here please by all means connect with us.

With the yearly membership, you have the ability to request that Emily focuses on a topic of your choice or your specific situation. This is great if you have a unique situation that you need help with. 

Yes. All anonymous questions will be sent in via e-mail at least 24 hours before the coaching session. Then Emily will change the names and identifying details when talking about in the group.

Of course, it is best to be present when we go live, but hey... life happens. The recording of the live coaching will be available for at least a week after the event. 


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